Teamselect: Call order vs Pick order

League of Legends

Hi Summoners, I will be discussing the differences between call & pick order. So to start off, what do these terms mean. When you play ranked or normal draft mode not everyone can choose at the same time. All summoners will have wait for their turn to choose their champions, spells, runes and masteries. But to decide who has to go where you can use two tactics: calling your lane (call order) or respect the order in which you are placed in (pick order). The choice between these two is a hell of struggle and certainly in low elo.

Pick order

Since most draft picks will be played in ranked, you are expected to be able to play all roles on the map. So pick order shouldn’t be a problem, but in reality this is not the case. The higher your elo the more likely it is to find player that can play all roles. But in “elo hell” most players are dedicated to one or two lanes. Which makes pick order not the best choice, because when you are last pick you have to get what’s left even when you can’t play the role. when you use the pick order method, you will have a lot of  variation, since your place is queue is balanced and you should have about the same amounts first as last picks in this system.

Call order

Call order isn’t the best either! People that call first will have their role they want to play, but if you’re not first it’s still possible that you’ll have to play a role where you’re not that good at. With pick order you will be able to play your favorite role one in a while, unlike call order, where you have to call you lane. Not first, change role. So call order is less balanced than pick order.

Riot games

Riot games has decided that pick order is above call order as underlying system. It’s only an underlying system, because talking and  communicating with your team is always better. The creators of League of Legends put pick order above call order for following reasons:

  • Players with faster load times shouldn’t have an unfair advantage in Call Order
  • Pick Order occurs naturally in the current design, so it’s more intuitive
  • Over time, players get an equal number of opportunities to be each pick slot
  • Players shouldn’t have to race to type a position at the start of each match


Those two systems are definitely not perfect. They are there if you need them but those methods should not be your first choice. Always try to play as a team and start with that in the team select. If you can arrange a good composition with your team and if everyone is  feeling comfortable in his role, than the chances to win will be higher. It is a teamwork game after all!!

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