30 League of Legends secrets, Easter eggs and legendary bugs

League of Legends - bugs, glitches, secrets, emotes and interactions

Secret passives, hate emotes, special interactions, Easter eggs and why not, legendary bugs … You remember the epic Blitzcrank baron pull you saw on YouTube a while ago? .. or perhaps the popular Kha’zix and Rengar “The hunt is on” Easter egg (Alien vs. Predator)? Well we tried our best and came up with a Top 30 favorite League of Legends bugs, secrets, Easter eggs and more.

30. Leona’s sunlight Easter egg

Leona’s “sunlight” deals one less damage (before calculating MR) to champions wearing sunglasses. This includes all Commando skins, Surfer Singed, Classic and Aristocrat Vayne, Vandal Twitch, Vandal Gragas, Safari and Officer Caitlyn, Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Corporate Mundo, Hired Gun Graves and Riot Graves. Vi and Neon Strike Vi take their sunglasses on or off when they use their taunt, and receive this easter egg so long as they are on.
This has been officially stated in-game as a Did you know? trivia fact.


29. Nidalee’s secret passive

Nidalee’s Prowl grants her the power of a “cougar”. Nearby allied champions gain +5 experience every 5 seconds if they are a lower level than Nidalee.


28. Tresh Easter Eggs

Thresh features two easter eggs:

  • Nunu will always drop two souls, one from both Nunu and Willump. Strangely, Sejuani does not drop two souls – which has lead to a joke that Sejuani is, in fact, ginger (a reference to the internet meme that ginger’s don’t have souls).
  • Deep Sea Thresh will occasionally hook a tire during his recall animation.


27. Teemo’s Stealthed Recall Glitch

It’s amazing what one mastery point can do for you. A video detailing how to stealth and recall back to base in almost complete safety! Rumors says that this is still not patched :)


26. Wall-Jumping with Riven and Nautilus

Some walls are just thin enough for Nautilus and Riven to pass through.


25. Pantheon’s “Super Jump” Teleport Glitch

This bug is as ancient as League itself. Good thing it never gets old.


24. Heimer’s Triple Turret Trick

Seems like with a little cooperation with your enemy laner, everything is possible.


23. The Ninja Code

Ninjas are more effective when they work alone. Ninjas lose 1 health for every allied Ninja present. Our ninjas from the field of justice: Akali, Kennen, Shen and Zed


22. Vi’s Easter eggs

Vi features several easter eggs:

Allied Caitlyn

  • Each gains the cosmetic buff, “On The Case: Piltover’s finest”.
  • Each gains +1 movement speed while near one another.
  • Each gains +1 bonus gold if they each participate in a kill.
  • Three unique shouts in response to an allied Ace in the Hole.

Enemy Caitlyn

  • If Vi taunts while near an enemy Caitlyn, she will perform one of two special taunts. Doing so debuffs the Caitlyn with “Agitated: How Agitating”, which will remain until Caitlyn damages Vi or Caitlyn dies.
  • Three unique shouts in response to an enemy Ace in the Hole which hits Vi, but does not kill her.

She features a unique shout when she uses Assault and Battery on an enemy Jayce. There may be additional interactions with Jayce.


21. Blitzcrank’s legendary pull (bug)

After pushing a tower, Ryze and Twisted Fate are ganked at the bottom lane. Ryze melts while Twisted Fate use his “Teleport” summoner spell to escape to top lane. At this point the “magic” happens: somehow Blitzcrank pulls Twisted Fate across the entire map. Wonderful pull Blitz!


20. Blitzcrank’s Baron Nashor pull bug

One of the most popular bugs in the history of League of Legends.


19. Poppy’s Baron Nashor push glitch

This is older than we can image but a classic one. This might be the proper interpretation of “take the Baron and push” :)


18. Sad Robot Amumu’s Global Laugh

Just a sad robot mummy’s global laughter.


17. Dominion Multi-Laser Glitch

Only champions with toggle spells can pull this off.


16. Skarner’s secret joke

If Skarner stands still in a brush for twelve seconds, he may shout out a secret joke. This can’t happen twice without leaving the bush he’d just stood still in.


15. Shen’s infinite dash glitch

Shen’s infinite dash glitch or also known as “Super Shen”.


14. Doctor skins cancel ninjas’ hidden passive

It’s absolutely lovely how RIOT managed to combine these easter eggs.


13. Vilemaw’s Dance Party

The Baron Nashor equivalent buff on Twisted Treeline, Vilemaw, has some pretty awesome moves.


12. Spoting wards with traps

Why on earth would I spend gold on pink wards when I have traps?


11. Hidden Messages of the Shadow Isles

The West and East Altars will sometimes tell you a special message if a champion from the Shadow Isles unlocks it. This is entirely random, and will not always happen, but occurs frequently. Elise, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Yorick, and Hecarim all have unique, individualized quotes. Evelynn, strangely, does not. All six of them, however, can trigger quotes from a hidden set of sound files accessible only to Shadow Isles champions.


10. Poppy’s Global Pull

Let them leave … they’ll just come running back.


9. Draven’s Axe-Stealing Emotes

When Draven catches an enemy Draven’s Spinning Axe, he will shout a special emote instead of his usual line whenever he catches his own Spinning Axe.


8. Graves vs. Nocturne – hidden “darkness” emotes

When Graves’s Smokescreen hits an opposing Nocturne, Graves will sometimes shout a special taunt.


7. Syndra blue buff glitch

There was a glitch (you’ll all know it probably) which once you level up Force of Will to max (5 points), you were able to freeze the blue buff in place… Leaving it totally invulnerable.


6. Zyra’s 3 hidden passives

Zyra has 3 hidden passives.

  • When hit by Leona’s Sunlight passive, Zyra’s character model grows slightly, as do her plants.
  • When Maokai is very close to Zyra, he gains 1 movement speed.
  • When Zyra or Sion kill one another, they will get 2 additional gold.


5. Syndra’s Force of Will secrets

Force of Will gains a bonus effect when used on the Ancient Golem or the Lizard Elder.

  • Upon throwing the Ancient Golem, Syndra will replenish 10 mana and the cooldown of Force of Will is decreased by 1 second.
  • Enemies hit by the Lizard Elder are afflicted by the Blessing of the Lizard Elder.


4. Rengar vs. Kha’zix rivalry interactions

The Hunt Is On! is an event that occurs in games between an opposing Rengar and Kha’Zix.
The event begins a seemingly random length of time after the following conditions have been met, and can only occur once per game:

  • Kha’Zix has used all three evolution points (minimum champion level of 16).
  • Rengar is in possession of his unique item, the Bonetooth Necklace.
  • Although it was officially stated that the item must be at full stacks, 10 stacks on Bonetooth Necklace are sufficient.


3. Volibear & Zilean hater emotes

The conception of Volibear is preceded by over a year of tumult and metaphorical warfare, known as the Riot War. Volibear and Zilean share a rivalry, stemming from Zileas’ opposition to an armored bear champion on the forums.


2. Heimerdinger’s swarm method

This is a very old video back when League of Legends was still very fresh and new and had all kinds of quirks about it. If a Heimerdinger used his turrets (two at level 1 back then) to block the creep wave down the middle lane, eventually the game would get backed up with too many normal minions and start spawning super minions to try and bring the numbers down.


1. Jaximus skin – Joe’s memorial tribute


GG Riot, you are the 1st place for this. While using the Jaximus skin, Jax will occasionally say: “Here’s to you, kid.” This is a memorial tribute to Joe, a Ewing’s Sarcoma patient who visited Riot thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With the help of the players, a total of $480,000 USD was raised in just 2 weeks.


BONUS video – How to win at League of Legends

Might not be content related but it’s way to funny! :)


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