10 creative League of Legends custom champion skins


Lara Croft Katarina, Spiderman Amumu, Jack Sparrow Gankplank – suggestive, well detailed and why not, funny ideas for custom skins …  Without further introduction, here are 10 creative League of Legends custom champion skins, in no particular order. If you are interested in using these skins or you are looking for more information, make sure you check out this tutorial for using custom skins in League of Legends or this website.

Lara Croft Katarina

You can’t deny, this Katarina skins is just absolutely lovely. It’s like Katarina wasn’t hot enough, right?


  • Original Lara Face
  • Leather Belts
  • Poison Particles
  • Battle Boots
  • Camo Shirt
  • Jeans Hot Pants
  • Brown Hair
  • Removed Spikes
  • Sharpen Daggers

Source: Lara Croft Katarina

Spiderman Amumu (Spidermumu)



  • Changed Spidermumu skin with black webbing
  • New Model
  • Enhanced Particles, on strong request to make his Q more web-like
  • Self-drawn Splash screen, Loading screen and Patcher images!

Source: Spidermumu

Jack Sparrow Gankplank

There isn’t much info about this custom skin but still, quite and amazing job.

Source: Jack Sparrow Gankplank

Raven Vayne


Trivia: In a way, Vayne is headless. Her neck and head aren’t connected in the model/skin!

Source: Raven Vayne

“I love ketchup” Fiddlesticks


Ok this is way too funny :) Heinz should sponsor this skin.

Source: “I love ketchup” fiddlesticks

Crimson Elite Kayle


Source: Crimson Elite Kayle

Tron Shen


The mod is inspired by the film Tron Legacy and the video game counterpart, Tron Evolution. Really awesome skin!

Source: Tron Shen

Secretary Akali


RIOT should really consider adding this skins,… 1820 RP? Anyone?

Source: Secretary Akali

Dragon Queen Shyvana



Source: Dragon Queen Shyvana

X-Men Graves


Source: X-Men Graves

We really hope you enjoyed this round-up and we would love to hear your thoughts about these skins in the comment section below.

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